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Challenge accepted: Sustainability Alliance launches app that inspires sustainable actions through incentives and challenges

Craving a way to practice more sustainable efforts in your daily life? In 2023, The Sustainability Alliance introduced TerraScore, an exclusive app that inspires sustainable actions through incentives and challenges, featuring over 150 actionable steps paired with helpful and resourceful links, according to Morgan Fehrle, programs and development manager for The Sustainability Alliance. 

“Our vision at The Sustainability Alliance is a world that embraces and chooses sustainable practices every day,” Fehrle says. “This app mobilizes everyday folks to take action through incorporating sustainability in a manner that fits their personal goals and lifestyle. We wanted to make learning better practices not only easier and more accessible, but also more fun. Developing TerraScore allows us to make that goal a reality.”

By users logging their actions since 2023, the TerraScore app has calculated the reduction or avoidance of:

  • 4.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to emissions produced from 4,945 pounds of coal burned, or the carbon sequestered by 73 seedlings grown for 10 years

  • 288 pounds of solid waste diverted from landfill, which is the equivalent of 29 standard trash bins filled

  • 34,871 gallons of water saved, which equates to 2,147 10-minute showers, or almost a year and a half of an average American’s total indoor water use

Locavore Lifestyles was a June 2023 challenge by The Sustainability Alliance’s TerraScore app and Tulsa Farmers’ Market to encourage attending the market, eating locally produced food and goods, and building relationships with market vendors. There were more than 100 active participants. The organizations will host this challenge again this summer.

Learn more about TerraScore here.


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