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September 2023 Newsletter

The Sustainability Alliance Accredited by the Standards for Excellence Institute®

This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to transparency, ethical practices and our mission to drive positive change in the realm of sustainability. It wouldn't have been possible without the dedication of our incredible team, partners and supporters who share our vision.

This accreditation reinforces our pledge to continue operating with the highest standards and to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. Stay tuned for exciting updates on our upcoming projects and initiatives as we embark on this journey together!

This accreditation illustrates our commitment to upholding the principles and practices of the Standards for Excellence®: an Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector, which includes six areas of nonprofit operations:

  1. Mission, Strategy and Evaluation

  2. Leadership: Board, Staff and Volunteers

  3. Legal Compliance and Ethics

  4. Finance and Operations

  5. Resource Development

  6. Public Awareness, Engagement and Advocacy

The Sustainability Alliance is the second nonprofit organization in all of Oklahoma to achieve the accreditation, second to the Tulsa Area United Way.



SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 | FIRST THURSDAY Join us for September's First Thursday as Jamie Glisson, Operations Coordinator and Photojournalist of Tri-City Collective and Focus Black Oklahoma, discusses how storytelling and photojournalism amplifies the work of environmental champions and helps drive action on sustainability initiatives. Engage with current environmental-justice issues to understand how you can make a difference with your own voice.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 RECHARGE: UNDER THE STARS You’re invited for an enchanting evening of food, music and hidden fun under the starlit sky! Join us for our 6th annual fundraiser, RECHARGE: Under the Stars, an unforgettable experience that supports our impactful programs. Get you tickets or become a sponsor now. Let’s create lasting change together.


UPCOMING EVENTS: OCTOBER 5, 2023 | FIRST THURSDAY Cancel Culture and Corporate Sustainability

Jenny Morgan: Market Development Manager, Tradewater Tackling the climate crisis is not something individuals can do alone. Corporations must also adopt new strategies and policies to see global change. But what happens to progress when we “cancel” companies for doing too little, or getting it wrong? Join us to learn more!




Do you know what fills up your bins the most each week? Take this month to focus on your trash and recycling streams. Here are some ways to get more familiar with your waste:

  • Do a waste audit: Empty the contents of your trash bag and take inventory of what you find. Are there bottles that could have gone into your blue bin instead? Is there food waste that could have been composted? Make a list and then repeat the activity again to see how it has changed or stayed the same.

  • Review your shopping list: Do you purchase the same items routinely? Make a note of 5 items you purchase regularly that take up a lot of space in your bins. The next time you are at the store, look for comparable items that are made with less plastic, come with recyclable packaging, or are bulk size instead of single serve.

  • Single use items are only single use if we use them that way. Consider if something is really trash before throwing it away. Could you upcycle it, give it away, or clean it and use it again for another purpose? See what you discover when you rethink your waste.


THE LOCAVORE LIFESTYLE: TerraScore Challenge Winners The Locavore Lifestyles challenge has ended! Congratulations to our winners and the Tulsa Farmers Market for increasing collective impact around eating locally.

  • 1ST PLACE – GREEN THUMBS Amy won $100 in market tokens, a woven market basket, a reusable Baggu shopping bag, pollinator seeds, and a Sustainability Alliance hat.

  • 2ND PLACE – JORI Jori won $50 in market tokens, a reusable Baggu shopping bag, pollinator seeds, and a Sustainability Alliance hat

  • 3RD PLACE – ADRIENNE Adrienne won $25 in market tokens and a Sustainability Alliance hat This challenge avoided CO2 emissions equivalent to 890 lbs. of coal burned and saved as much water as 184 showers taken. Sign up for the app today to start making a difference.


2023-2024 Scor3card® Cycle

The 23-24 Scor3card cycle kicks off October 19th. Does your company want to get on board to save money, reduce waste, and increase employee engagement? Reach out to our Scor3card Director, Theresa Kerrigan, this month to sign up and learn about how Scor3card can improve your triple bottom line.


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