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August Newsletter

THIS JUST IN: The Sustainability Alliance Accredited by the Standards for Excellence Institute®

We are proud to announce that The Sustainability Alliance has been accredited by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits for successfully fulfilling the requirements of their Standards for Excellence® program.

This accreditation illustrates our commitment to upholding the principles and practices of the Standards for Excellence®: an Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector, which includes six areas of nonprofit operations:

  1. Mission, Strategy and Evaluation

  2. Leadership: Board, Staff and Volunteers

  3. Legal Compliance and Ethics

  4. Finance and Operations

  5. Resource Development

  6. Public Awareness, Engagement and Advocacy

The Sustainability Alliance is the second nonprofit organization in all of Oklahoma to achieve the accreditation, second to the Tulsa Area United Way.



AUGUST 3, 2023 | FIRST THURSDAY Join us for August's First Thursday as Jennifer Evans, Executive Director of Austin Creative Reuse Center, discusses how as a company they address the escalating global solid waste challenge through creative reuse, zero waste goals, and the circular economy and fostering effective sustainability solutions.

AUGUST 17, 2023 | GREEN DRINKS NEFF BREWING | 5-7PM Bring a friend or colleague to socialize with our team and others in the local sustainability community. This event is meant to build connections and help share opportunities and developments about sustainability in our region. We hope you will join us!




The Sustainability Alliance is excited to announce the launch of our Green Ticket sales, supporting our annual fundraising campaign, RECHARGE. By purchasing a Green Ticket, you not only contribute to our cause but also get a chance to win big. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Click below to attend RECHARGE, become a sponsor, or purchase your Green Tickets today!

Join us in making a difference and embracing a sustainable future.


BUSINESS MEMBER HIGHLIGHT B'nai Emmunah Congregation B'nai Emunah has been an active member of The Sustainability Alliance through Scor3card for several years, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to sustainability while fostering a vibrant Jewish community in the wider Tulsa region. Guided by their Jewish values, they wholeheartedly embrace their role as stewards of the world and have dedicated themselves to pursuing sustainable strategies.

  • Annual sustainability meeting, which brings together all employees to outline expectations and share new ideas for enhancing sustainability efforts.

  • The congregation's pre-school reuses and repurposes donated materials for art projects and toys. Additionally, the school playground is made of repurposed materials like old tires and wood, and the school features a thriving vegetable garden and a certified Monarch way station.

  • The congregation is renovating their parking lot, updating their drainage systems and installing a few electric vehicle charging stations.



STAY COOL – STAY GREEN The excessive heat sweeping the globe is hard not to notice! Here are some tips to stay cool and lower your utility bills.

  • Turn up the thermostat: Set your thermostat at 78 during the day

  • Hang heavy curtains: Curtains will reduce the heat entering your home and the cool air leaving it

  • Dress for the season: While at home, stay cool by wearing lightweight and loose clothing

  • Use another cooling device: If the higher thermostat makes your space tough to enjoy, consider using a tower fan to cool down or a dehumidifier to make the heat more tolerable!


LAST CALL FOR THE LOCAVORE LIFESTYLE: Join the Latest TerraScore Challenge

Our latest community challenge through a collaboration with the Tulsa Farmers Market, Locavore Lifestyles, ends on Saturday, August 12. Join us and rank on the leaderboard for a chance to win over $100 in prizes that will encourage you to shop and eat locally.


THANK YOUR FOR ATTENDING Scor3card® Annual Celebration

The Sustainability Alliance hosted its annual Scor3card Celebration on July 27, 2023 at The Oklahoma Aquarium. The celebration acknowledged and rewarded sustainability accomplishments made by organizations locally, regionally and nationally.

Thirty-four of 41 Scor3card members were recognized as verified members, six being recognized as platinum recipients, the highest level of achievement, representing the pinnacle of sustainability excellence. Twelve organizations were recognized as gold recipients, seven as silver recipients and nine as participants.

Four organizations were honored for their accomplishments that surpass the Standard Scor3card ranking system. These individuals and organizations demonstrated dedication, set new standards and pushed the boundaries of sustainability.


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