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June 2024 Newsletter

Summer Celebrations Made Sustainable

Summer is a season of joy, filled with opportunities for gatherings and celebrations. Whether it's a backyard cookout, a college send-off, a wedding, or a family reunion, making small changes can significantly reduce the environmental impact of these events. Here are some sustainable tips to consider:

  • Send evites: Digital invitations, or evites, are a simple yet effective way to minimize waste. By opting for electronic invitations, you eliminate the need for paper and postage, reducing your event's carbon footprint. Plus, evites are often more convenient and allow for easy tracking of RSVPs.

  • Plan ahead: Being intentional about your purchases can make a big difference. Consider buying reusable decorations and supplies, and choose items that can be used for multiple events or occasions. Planning ahead also allows you to trip-chain your errands. Consolidate excursions efficiently to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Skip the balloons: Traditional balloons can harm wildlife and contribute to litter. Instead, look for environmentally friendly alternatives like paper decorations, fabric bunting, or natural elements like flowers and greenery. These options are not only kinder to the planet but can also add a unique and beautiful touch to your celebration.

  • Natural bug deterrents: Summer gatherings often mean dealing with bugs. Instead of using chemical sprays, try natural deterrents. Essential oil bug sprays, citronella plants, and bird feeders or bat houses can help keep pests away without harming the environment. These options are safer for both your guests and the ecosystem.

  • Trashless Bashes: Make your event more sustainable by choosing compostable utensils and washable rags. Avoid single-use plastic items, like straws and cutlery. Grill mats are a great alternative to aluminum foil, reducing waste and making clean-up easier. When ordering food, ask for paper bags and cardboard containers, and decline plastic cutlery, napkins, and single-serve condiments. These small changes can greatly reduce the amount of waste generated by your event.

By incorporating these tips into your summer celebrations, you can enjoy your gatherings while also caring for the planet. Small, mindful actions can lead to a big impact, making your events not only memorable but also sustainable.



JULY 25, 2024

Join us for an evening of recognition and celebration at the beautiful Philbrook Museum of Art. Stay tuned for more details!


SEPTEMBER 19, 2024

RECHARGE is The Sustainability Alliance's primary source of support for our programming and impact throughout the year. It is a highly anticipated event that unites individuals, businesses, and communities committed to sustainability. By attending RECHARGE, you'll not only enjoy a memorable experience but also contribute to building a sustainable future.


The Sustainability Alliance Now Offering Consulting Services

The Sustainability Alliance is excited to announce the launch of our new sustainability consulting services, led by our expert consultant, Bethany Johns.

Our team is here to help your company achieve its sustainability goals by providing guidance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics, carbon foot printing, energy efficiency improvements and more. Partner with us to enhance your strategic planning, ensure regulatory compliance and drive competitive advantage while promoting social inclusion and community engagement. Let us assist you on your journey to a more sustainable future!


We’re Hiring a Development Manager!

The Sustainability Alliance is seeking a passionate Development Manager with fundraising experience to join our dynamic team. Due to unforeseen family medical needs, our current Development Manager, Sunny Leigh, will be stepping down. We thank Sunny for her contributions and wish her all the best.

For more details about the position and to apply, please visit our website and send your resume and a cover letter to Corey Williams.


Sunny Leigh is making her exit from The Sustainability Alliance to focus on taking care of some family medical needs. She wishes the best for the entire team and plans to remain involved as her capacity allows as well as support our annual fundraiser, RECHARGE. You will still find her attending our events on occasion and will be helping to champion our impact by continuing to make connections between The Alliance and community advocates, sponsors, and potential members. Thank you, Sunny!


This month, we’re highlighting Maxcess OKC, a Scor3card member setting a high bar for sustainability in Oklahoma manufacturing. 

Maxcess International specializes in providing solutions for web-handling applications. These applications are critical for industries that involve the continuous processing of materials, such as paper, film, foil, nonwovens, and other substrates. The company's offerings are designed to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance the quality of the end products in these industrial processes. 

At their facility in Oklahoma City, Andrew Dixon, their Quality and Continuous & Process Improvement Manager, is leading efforts to reduce waste, improve employee well-being, and instill sustainable values across their operations. Through Scor3card, Maxcess OKC is helping to set the bar for the company's locations across the globe. Learn more about members like Maxcess and the strides they have made on the triple bottom line by checking out our website.




Our next TerraScore challenge will kick off next month, supporting the global Plastic Free July movement. Take the pledge to reduce plastic waste, track your success through the TerraScore app, and compete to win a zero-waste starter kit.


Download the app today to get notified when the challenge launches. Learn more about Plastic Free July here.

Download the TerraScore App today!


Scor3card® Cycle

Exciting updates are coming to the Scor3card program! Look out for your invitation to our celebration event in July, where we’ll highlight the successes of our participants. Interested in joining the 2024/2025 cohort? Contact Morgan Fehrle for a demo or to sign up. Let’s build a brighter, greener future together!


If your organization is ready to start saving money and resources while benefiting the planet, reach out to Morgan Fehrle to schedule a demo or sign up for the 24-25 cohort today!



It’s time to sign up for First Steps! First Steps is our community programming specifically designed to assist the sustainability efforts of three distinct cohorts: nonprofits, schools and faith communities.


To learn more, click the button below to fill out an information request form or reach out to to connect.

Do you belong to a church or religious group? We want to better understand how your community of faith values environmental stewardship! To help us better serve Tulsa’s faith-based program, take this quick 2-question survey.



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