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October 2023 Newsletter

The Sustainability Alliance hosts an evening of sustainable impact at "RECHARGE: Under the Stars"

We are proud to announce the success of our annual fundraiser event, "RECHARGE: Under the Stars." The event, which took place on Thursday, September 28, at Brush Creek Ranch united a diverse community of change-makers, industry leaders, and sustainability enthusiasts, fostering collective efforts to drive meaningful change both locally and globally.

Under the visionary leadership of our Founder and Executive Director Corey Wren Williams and Morgan Fehrle, programs and development manager, RECHARGE successfully raised nearly $70,000, showcasing the growing culture of sustainability in our community.

Attendees at RECHARGE, or those who couldn’t make it but wanted to show their support, had the unique opportunity to invest in a more sustainable future by purchasing Green Tickets. The event's Green Ticket packages offered participants a chance to support The Sustainability Alliance's mission while experiencing the beauty of sustainability firsthand. Some examples of the Green Tickets include:

  • The Bison Roundup at Tallgrass Prairie Preserve: This package gives the winner the opportunity to be a part of a monumental conservation effort as they join the staff and local wranglers in caring for these majestic creatures. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that contributes to the preservation of the world's largest protected tallgrass prairie.

  • Home Sweet Home: This comprehensive package included Solar Panels (A Home Energy Efficiency System), a Home Energy Assessment provided by PSO, a Local Honey Package by Roark Acres Honey House, and a Tulsa Farmers Market Package and Basket. These packages exemplified the essence of sustainable living.

  • EcoTourism Experience: This package included the opportunity to explore the wonders of nature and enjoy family adventures by offerings a Tulsa Botanic Garden family membership, Tulsa Zoo family membership, Oklahoma Aquarium family membership, a free field trip for 30 at the Oklahoma Aquarium, and Resilient Growers Farm tour

RECHARGE also provided attendees with unforgettable experiences, including the TerraScore Challenge, which allowed them to experience sustainability firsthand. The TerraScore app enabled participants to log actions like composting food scraps, choosing eco-friendly transportation, or enjoying local beverages. Prizes were awarded to those who participated, enco

uraging tangible steps toward a sustainable future.

This event would not have been possible without our incredible event sponsors and partners. Your generosity is instrumental in propelling our mission forward.




Cancel Culture and Corporate Sustainability

Jenny Morgan: Market Development Manager, Tradewater

Tackling the climate crisis is not something individuals can do alone. Corporations must also adopt new strategies and policies to see global change. But what happens to progress when we “cancel” companies for doing too little, or getting it wrong?

OCTOBER 12, 2023 | B2B

SUSTAINABILITY AT THE CORE: Goal Setting and Employee Engagement

Join us for an inspiring event featuring David Rossi, the visionary Director of Engineering and Sustainability at Cox Enterprises. Learn how Cox Enterprises' leadership combines with engagement from employees to make sustainability a core value and connect with industry peers.

The moderator for the event is Scott Stulen, CEO and President of Philbrook Museum of Art. Scott is leading the charge in transforming the museum into a nationally recognized model of sustainability, relevance, and community impact.




Each year The Sustainability Alliance recognizes the outstanding achievements of Scor3card® participants with The Bellmon Awards. Their success stories are captured on the video as part of The Bellmon Awards. We are pleased to announce the 2023 winners, congratulations to the following organizations for their commitments and initiatives to support a more sustainable future.

Best Overall: AAON

Large, 501+ employees: Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

Medium, 51-500 employees: Cox Communications

Small, 26-50 employees: Cherokee Nation Environmental Programs

Micro, fewer than 25 employees: ES2



November 2, 2023 | FIRST THURSDAY

An Open Sustainability Workshop Event

How can we support Heartland sustainability practice together?

November 2

12:00pm - 1:00pm (CDT) @ Neff Brewery

November 16, 2023 | NOVEMBER B2B: The Bellmon Awards The 2023 Bellmon Winners are here! Join us for this B2B event where you can hear about new and innovative initiatives from leadership across five different organizations. Learn how AAON, COX, Spirit Aerosystems, Cherokee Nation, and ES2 have implemented methods and technologies to improve the triple bottom line: People. Profit. Planet.

December 7, 2023 | FIRST THURSDAY

Details coming soon!




Water may seem infinite, but fresh water supplies are under threat. Want to help conserve water and save money on your bills? Try these low-tech tips:

  • Use warmup water: Use a bucket to capture the water from your faucet while waiting for that perfect heat level. Let it sit while doing your task, then water your houseplants, fill up your pet’s bowl, or give your lawn a drink with that perfectly good water.

  • Sink bucket: New age isn’t always the rage, let’s take a page from grandmas book and put a little bucket in our sink with a rag nearby. Fill it up with warm soapy water before making a meal, and you’ve got an easy place to rinse utensils as you go without having to run the tap.

  • Turn it off: While brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, etc.! Wet what you need and save the drain from more wasted water while you take care of business.



TerraScore Challenge Winners

At this year’s RECHARGE event we designed a challenge to help make this fundraiser our most sustainable yet. Guests were encouraged to log as many actions as possible within the event itself, like composting, plant-based eating, and drinking locally brewed beer. Congrats on winning your amazing prizes to.

1ST PLACE – TJ Jones

2ND PLACE – Anitra Lavenhar

3RD PLACE – Dylan Fehrle



Scor3card® Cycle

The 23-24 Scor3card cycle kicks off October 19. Does your company want to get on board to save money, reduce waste, and increase employee engagement? Reach out to our Scor3card Director, Theresa Kerrigan, this month to sign up and learn about how Scor3card can improve your triple bottom line.


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